Gas Relief Capsules

Gas Relief Capsules
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Gas Relief Capsules is RxNATURE’s most poplar remedy for gas and bloating. This product was formulated by a Naturopathic Doctor with more than 10 years of experience treating various digestive problems. Below are some of the important characteristics that set Gas Relief Capsules apart from other gas and bloating controlling products available on the market.
  • Gas Relief Capsules have no side-effects. Other products, such as activated charcoal can cause constipation, etc.
  • Gas Relief Capsules do NOT absorb vital nutrients and minerals
  • Not only Gas Relief Capsules help with the symptoms of gas and bloating, they also address the root cause of the problem
People usually take 1 capsule 2-3 times a day with meals. While taking Gas Relief Capsules (and always), we strongly encourage you to adopt healthy and rational dietary habits, as excessive gas and bloating are typically the signs of poor diet and digestion. Gas Relief Capsules come with detailed instructions that also include practical advice on how to improve diet and strengthen digestion.

Note: This program is not intended to treat any specific illness. People with severe chronic conditions, pregnant and nursing women should not be taking this program. Always consult your health care practitioner should the need be indicated.

 Gas Relief Capsules - 100 Capsules
Carum carvi 252 mg
Zingiber officinale 252 mg